Wednesday, December 30, 2015

5 Things to do on Youtube

1. Watch vines
If you simply search the word "vine" you can find them. My favorite channel is The Best Vines.

2. Watch movies
I know you're thinking about how to watch movies on Youtube without paying for them. Well, if you type in the right thing you can pull up many movies in good quality. Try typing *** full movies comedy 2015*** or ***animated movies English full*** 

3.Check out Vloggers
There are funny and serious Vloggers out there. Some like BugattiBeez or ThisIsACommentary

4. Learn how to build kites
I did a Captain America kite. It was easy and fun actually. 

5. Listen to stories
Many Vloggers have coming out stories or stories when they might've been locked in jail. You can even learn from their mistakes.

Question of the day

Is make-up considered a filter?